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  • Stand alone Academy or enhance your Club coaching
  • Year-round training & matches
  • Group coaching
  • Add on extra 121s & Holiday Camps
  • Person-based  Coaching and Mentoring
  • Regular Reports
  • Enthusiastic expert coaching

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  • Coaching for All
  • Low Income Options
  • Flexible Payment  Plans
  • Free School Meal Freebie 
  • Access to FBA Scholarships

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  • Full Membership @ Academy Prices 
  • Support FBA's work 
  • Goal setting & Mentorship
  • Sponsorship Options

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They Say

Darren Talbot

CEO: England Cricket Association for the Deaf

Managing Director: Twenty 20 Community Cricket

" I've been working with Trevor for the last five years and watched how he has grown as a coach. Trevor has a very meticulous and thoughtful approach, which has proven to yield success for both individuals and teams. I have no hesitation in recommending Trevor for all your cricket coaching needs  "  

April Mitton

CEO: Young London

" Trevor is not just a cricket coach, he's a mentor too. A true investor in young lives, coupled with warmth, never ending optimism and skill "

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May 22, 2022

FBA Vs ACE Academy

April 28, 2022

Junior cricket in Caterham, Chaldon, Redhill, Merstham

March 16, 2022

Chris Powell – Inspiring Us All

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