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Boys Cricket

Welcome to our boys section

Our approach to coaching is the same as with our girls cricket section. Initially all boys are placed in their respective age groups, then, over time we create groups based on ability. This allows for each individual and group to develop at a similar pace.

When a boy demonstrates he has outgrown the specific group, we will elevate him into the group above. This pathway enables each boy the space to feel comfortable, the freedom to develop and an environment to be appropriately challenged within an ability based setting.

We have a group of coaches who have all played colts cricket, they understand the physical and mental efforts required to be successful. We very much nurture the boys to be the best version of themselves by engaging in a two way conversation of assessment and feedback loops.

Hand eye co-ordination training

One of our main objectives through tailored training is to teach each player leadership skills. Some of the key components of this will be:

  • Adaptability
  • Resilience
  • Confidence

We not only want your sons to be fantastic cricketers we also want them to become well rounded astute men.

Fitness and awareness are two aspects we place a lot of focus on during training. From the moment the boys arrive, they will go through a series of stretching and fitness drills, some with and some without a ball.

Our hashtag/hook is (#firstballer) which simply means, when you come to training or enter the field of play, rather than thinking, “When batting I need to survive the first over”, the mental approach we instil is:

I want to score runs!”

Similarly with bowling, rather than thinking, “I don’t want to bowl a no-ball or a wide”. The aim is to exploit a batsman’s weakness, in so doing:

Getting the batsman out.

If your son has the potential to be a #firstballer, sign up below. Welcome to FBA!