Cricket COACHING Purley, Croydon, South London- Firstballacademy


The FBA philosophy is to be courageous and bold, by taking calculated risks and train how we play.  This is the cornerstone to how we coach boys and girls from age eight, right through to young adults.

Each young person has a unique way of understanding and playing cricket. It is our role as coaches to harness that uniqueness and nurture the talent into the development of a productive cricketer.  From the moment a young person joins FBA we undertake a skills based analysis, handing them an objectives pack based on their current abilities.  We map out what we expect them to achieve during specific period to give them every chance of moving to the next level.

The idea is to set realistic goals based on ability rather than player age. We recognise each player develops at different periods and ages in their journey, but there are huge benefits for some sessional work to be strictly ability based.

We continually monitor each player, so that when measurable improvement is shown we’re able to support their appropriately development to train and play with teammates of similar ability levels.

Two of the key areas we focus on are fitness and metal resilience.  It does not matter what levels of fitness members have when they join us. With our carefully designed weekly sessions, members will improve their fitness, confidence, knowledge of the game, technical ability and overall mental and physical agility.

FBA has a coaching blueprint which feeds into our team ethos on how we want to play the beautiful game.  We want to win.  More importantly we want to win together!