LOVE 16 Cricket Game - Surrey, London Firstballacademy

Love 16 - An exciting new game 

Love 16 is an evolution of the 20/20 format: Fast paced and exciting, played indoors as well as outdoors.  When played indoors, the venue does not have to be the biggest space, you can still expect a competitive pulsating match.

Format:  Teams consist of 8 players.  The total game is sixteen overs of eight 8-ball overs per side.  Each side is allowed a timeout of 2 minutes per innings and the whole game should take about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes from start to finish.

Bowling Team: Everyone can bowl apart from the wicket keeper.

A Bowler can decide to bowl four deliveries and nominate another bowler to bowl the remaining four balls in the over (apart from the golden arm bowler).

Each team decides which bowler will be the 'golden arm' (who bowls the first and last over of the innings).  After each over, the fielders advance clockwise one place.

The penalty for bowling wides or no balls is two runs awarded to the batting team’s total and an automatic FREE HIT for the batting team.

Batting Team: The wicket keeper must open the batting alongside any other player, excluding the 'golden arm' bowler who will bat at No 8.

Indoors: A batsman can be caught one handed if the ball rebounds off the ceiling or the side walls.  If the ball hits the wall behind the bowler on the full, the batting team is awarded six runs.

Batsmen cannot be caught one handed off the back wall on the full.  Only if the ball hits the side wall first and then rebounds off the back wall can a one-handed catch be taken and given as out.

Batsman score two when the ball is struck against the side or back wall behind the keeper, as well as any runs acquired through running.

No batsman can bat longer than four overs or thirty-six runs, whichever comes first.  The batsmen must then retire.

If the batting team are bowled out before sixth ball of the last over, they will be deducted ten runs.  

If scores are tied after the final delivery of the match, we go to a Super Over.

If scores are still level after the Super Over, the winner is declared based on which team lost the least number of wickets in the Super Over or in the actual game.

Outdoors: When Love 16 is played outdoors all rules apply apart from catching one handed off the ceiling and walls as there will be none.