PWYC - Firstballacademy


FBA Membership Fees are based on a Pay What You Can (PWYC) system.  How else can we guarantee to be totally inclusive?  Offering PWYC membership ensures we are accessible to all!

The PWYC system allows members to pay a standard Academy amount or more if they can afford to – after all, we are offering some of the best quality coaching, opportunities and ongoing support around.  BUT, some members may not be in a position to pay Academy prices, if anything at all.  Natural talent is not based on your family’s wealth and we want to ensure our Academy Members are training and playing with some of the best potential around!

Our Academy Members are our FBA Family and we want everyone: members, families, sponsors and supporters to be fully invested.  If you can offer funding then great, but from all members we expect: enthusiasm, support of others, commitment to attend training and matches, help to keep our Hubs and grounds clean and safe spaces and total respect for one another. We are in this together and for the long-haul.

Once you have decided on your monthly fee, we would ask that you stick to it, but if your circumstances change, e.g. someone in the family loses their job, you may wish to lower your fee temporarily, or, if you are feeling flush (maybe no longer paying commuter transport fees!) then why not increase your payment and make the most of our amazing services.

Remember, all of your membership fees go toward making FBA bigger and better, reaching more potential talent and making FBA as fun and competitive as possible for training and matches.  We will of course also accept donations and contributions as well as sell kit, equipment and refreshments to help cover all of our running costs and outreach work.  But if you really want to show your support, why not pay a higher membership fee, become a sponsor or talk to us about investing?

Once coaching starts again, we will keep you up to date with our membership options, subject to Covid restrictions and beyond

Membership is conditional and can be revoked at any time if FBA rules and values are not respected.