Mission Statement - Firstballacademy

Mission Statement

Our focus is divided into four areas


  • Build a cohesive partnership with other local and not-for-profit organisations
  • Attract and develop untapped talent from inner city areas
  • Contribute toward developing these young men and women into positive role models
  • Attract and harness existing talent who are disaffected


  • Provide a multipurpose venue
  • Indoor and outdoor activities
  • Education and learning section
  • Entertainment section encompassing the wider community


  • Create intrinsic relations with schools and youth clubs
  • Work with associated organisations to affect positive change
  • Stage an annual graduation Awards Day
  • Build strategic partnerships across the sporting spectrum


  • Developing a safe, high performance environment
  • Promoting women and ethnic minorities cricket (PACE)
  • Coach and volunteer development
  • Provide year-round activities for sustained growth

First Ball Academy has been set up to:

Promote diversity and increase equality within cricket, making it more appealing, inclusive, and accessible for players, coaches, umpires, team managers and other stakeholders such as supporters.  First Ball Cricket Academy aka First Ball Academy (FBA) will service all sectors of the community, specifically targeting under-represented groups including BAME, girls and low-income families.

Encourage engagement and develop talent (and potential) by facilitating quality year-round cricket training, matches and actively supporting opportunities through County and ECB initiatives.  FBA will boost members as athletes, but also as individuals.  Our holistic ethos will assist to develop self-esteem, assertiveness, transferable skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication, and management, improve fitness and encourage pathways to achieve future careers and ambitions.

To identify and nurture talent, ensuring individuals and teams are given the opportunity to maximise their potential.  We aim to offer a proactive, well-connected Academy, developing networks to expand and benefit as many people as possible.

Benefit members and training session/ school club participants from quality, affordable, year-round coaching sessions, match experience, competition and development opportunities.  Joining our Partnership Achieving Cricket Equality (PACE) initiative, youth organisations and schools will benefit from the provision of after-school clubs and ‘Hub’ status, increasing access, engagement and diversifying extra-curricular programmes to include cricket. 

Benefit communities through local initiatives.  Training will be available to young people aged 8+, irrespective of ethnicity, culture, gender or wealth, with scholarships and free school clubs enabling access to talented youth from low income families. 

Encourage a positive perception of cricket through increased awareness, engagement, and participation, especially by increased equality and diversity and generating more diverse role models.  Local cricket clubs will benefit through increased community engagement, enthusiasm, quality competition and match opportunity.  As we expand, opportunities arise for benefits to local communities, through employment and access to entertainment and sporting events.

Support employment, through paid and volunteers roles within an ethical company with job satisfaction and personal development at its heart.

Apply for grants and use membership, sales income and sponsorship to fund promotion and outreach work to develop partnerships with schools and local clubs, establishing Hubs for year-round training.  Using social media, word of mouth and offline promotion we will engage members and funding opportunities. 

Employ enthusiastic, qualified coaches to undertake sessions at schools and clubs, helping to develop our brand profile and membership base.  Our Fixtures Manager will ensure we have regular, competitive league, cup and friendly matches scheduled to ensure members gain every opportunity for development.  We will also support diversity initiatives at County and Country level and will encourage opportunity and development for players and those interested in qualifying in areas such as coaching and umpiring. 

Set up a Young Leaders programme, enabling members to perform as role models for younger age groups, generating a sense of responsibility, ownership, and developing numerous transferable skills.  We hope to have a positive impact of family cohesion, encouraging families to get involved as volunteers, participants and supporters and develop strong relationships with schools, youth centres and local cricket clubs. 

Develop the profile of local cricket matches to attract support and engagement by sport lovers, family and friends.